Red Light Hockey is dedicated to providing an outstanding training experience for young players to develop to their maximum potential as an athlete, student, and an emerging adult.

Led by an experienced coaching staff, we encourage participants to develop skills, abilities knowledge, techniques to achieve the most competitive level available in their age group and playing category

We are governed by the coaching rules and regulations of Hockey Alberta. In addition, we have established our own level of ethics and standards:

RESPECT – All coaches, players, parents, guardians, managers, trainers and sponsors of our camps will receive the utmost respect and dignity. We will always endeavour to promote good sportsmanship, fairness, propriety and equality on and off the ice. We will also respect the rules of the game and promote awareness and adherence in every session.

ACCESSIBILITY – We provide accessible and affordable camps for both boys and girls, and ensure we offer up-to-the-minute communications to required parties to ensure everyone is included in the team building process. This includes feedback to athletes, parents and other parties to promote improvement and opportunity.

INTEGRITY – We provide only the most credible information and training materials to our participants, parents and coaches.

RESPONSIBILITY – While we are teaching and training our young participants, we also take the time to nurture and develop skills for their journey into adulthood. Red Light Hockey also ensures we care for the body, mind and spirit of each player, ensuring their health, vitality and capability in the game, classroom and their community.