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At some point, every athlete sustains some type of injury. While many can be prevented, others are just part of the game. Preventing breaks, sprains, strains and concussions is our priority a Red Light Hockey.

There are several aspects of our training camps that prepares participants for potential incidents, and how to plan ahead on and off the ice:

  • Our classroom and ice-time sessions covers XX hours of stretching methods to ensure optimal musculoskeletal performance.
  • Injury prevention methods including stopping, checking decorum, tripping, falling methods, proper helmet use.
  • Injury detection methods (self and team members) to determine severity and treatment. Many participants will share their injuries with their classmates first before coaches and parents. We empower all our students to recognize their own situation, as well as those of their team mates. This makes for greater trust between players.
  • Treatment solutions are also offered to parents and participants, and we provide any information to physicians and treatment specialists as to the nature of any injury that is sustained during our camps, or those mentioned by participants during their regular team activities.
  • Our body checking policies during our training sessions follows the standard requirements set by the Alberta and Canadian hockey associations (LIST THEM HERE). We are continually updated on changes to these standards and we endeavour to implement them as soon as they are approved.
  • Our coaching team is certified and trained in First Aid to assess and treat any injuries immediately. Parents will be immediately informed of any issues related to injuries or issues.


Coach Randy Rosen and Red Light Hockey offers parents and players with some helpful information on injury prevention and treatment:

Treating Acute Soft Tissue Injuries with R.I.C.E.

How to Recognize a Concussion – For Parents and Coaches


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