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The Importance of Warm Up

Never underestimate the power of warming up muscles before practice and play. Read this informative article on how to make this a regular occurrence in preparing for your sport: READ MORE. <<link to>>



Crave Gatorade and Energy Drinks? Drinking Water is the Best Choice

Water is vital to life, but it’s even more important to have regular hydration during physical activity. Find some great advice by reading this informative infographic for maintaining water in the body on the ice.





Sports Hygiene – Start Young for Life

School is one of the most likely places where kids will pick up and share viruses and bacteria. But the locker room and even the ice rink is another place where bugs can be spread. At Red Light Hockey, we encourage all our participants to practice washing their hands regularly and keeping their bodies as clean as possible. This protects participants (as our students and as players on their teams) and their families and teaches responsibility, compassion and understanding of how illness can spread.

Read this informative PDF from the National Federation of State High School Associations: <<links to>>





Sleep Hygiene – Getting rest between hockey practices, camps and games means better performance on the ice

Sleep is one of the most precious activities that dictate our success when we are awake. Youth athletes put out a lot of energy while they regularly work out, and need extra sleep in order for their bodies to repair and restore.

Teenagers especially require up to 12 hours of sleep per night in order to facilitate their body’s growth as well as the development of their brains. The National Sleep Foundation, which influences global sleep medicine standards by practitioners in Canada and the U.S., offers essential information for parents to ensure that their teenage children get the sleep they need to perform in school, work and sports.

Read more about sleep for growing athletic adolescents and teens:

Teens and Sleep – National Sleep Foundation

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Sleep Hygiene for athletes –






Articles of interest for parents and athletes:

Academic Performance for Female Athletes

Did you know … that playing on a high school team increases a young woman’s odds of graduating from college by 41%? Find out more statistics that will get you moving forward in sport and school.





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