It is our top priority to maintain the health and safety of our participants and coaching staff at all times in all circumstances. Our safety practices are established by Alberta Hockey and are enforced before every camp session and practice.

Evacuation Procedures
In the event of an emergency, our coaching team will organize any evacuation required, and follow all procedures according to the building’s requirements.

First Aid
All our coaches review the particular medical information and requirements for care and medications for participants. They will also supervise first aid preparations and equipment. Please ensure all medical information is updated regularly post-registration. If you have any questions, please contact us at 780.862.7322.

Our programs are nut-restricted to protect any vulnerable players or parents. Please ensure any snacks or lunches are nut-free or free of any particular ingredients for your child.

Drink and Towel Sharing
All participants are required to refrain from sharing any water bottles, pop, juice, food and towels and other clothing with team players.

Health Bulletins
In order to keep parents and students up to date on special seasonal health issues (such as influenza season, measles, chicken pox, heat or cold conditions, etc.), we will forward any bulletins, health tips and advisories that need attention and adherence. If your child is ill, please inform us as soon as possible. Bulletins will come via the website, Twitter and email.

Red Light Hockey is not responsible for administering your child’s medication. If medication is required, the parent or guardian is required to administer. Each student requiring a Ventolin, EpiPen or other emergency medication shall store it in their bag and inform the coaches of its location and proper use. In the event of an emergency, coaches will administer the medication as required. You must fill out a permission form for administering medications before your child’s program begins.