To ensure compliance to coaching rules, regulations and management best practices, players and their parents/guardians, Red Light Hockey provides several guidelines and requirements to ensure the best possible experience:


Registration Forms
For legal and insurance requirements, all participants are required to fill out all necessary forms according to their particular program. If forms are not filled out at the time of the first day of training, the student will not be able to participate until they are completed.

All fees are required to be paid online, by cheque or cash before the first training session begins. If fees are not paid on time, students will not be able to participate until they are completed.

Refund Policy
We offer full (less Red Light Hockey administration fee of $20.00) up to three (3) working days prior to the start date of any hockey training program, for kids of all ages. Following this time period, refunds will not be issued. Exceptions to this policy only include medical reasons.

Equipment and Sportswear
All participants are required to have approved and well-fitted equipment that ensure their safety and performance. If a player does not bring the required equipment to camp, they will have to sit out until the next class. Please ensure students have necessary personal care items in their bags including deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, a fresh and dry towel, toothbrush/toothpaste, and any other items required.

Please ensure your child leaves all valuables at home and they should label their belongings. Cell phones, iPods and other portable music players, hand-held video game consoles are not allowed to be operated during class. Red Light Hockey Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen items during programs, tryouts and tournaments. If your student will be using locker room services, provide a portable lock with a known combination to the user.

In the case of an incident, accident or emergency situation with your child, our staff will notify you after contacting with emergency personnel. Our coaches are certified in First Aid and CPR and are aware of the emergency procedures at all particular venues for training and practices. Please ensure that you have provide the most up to date emergency contact information, including an alternate in case you are not available by filling out the Emergency Contact Form. There is no registered health professional on staff and we will ask your permission and decision to withdraw your child from the day’s training if required.

Absence Reporting
If your child is unable to attend a session for personal or illness reasons, please contact us at 780.862.7322 or text to 780.862.7322. Parents will not receive a reduced fee if there are several days missed.

As coaches, we are keenly aware that every player can have a bad day on the court. Our staff works quickly resolve any conflicts and keep your child involved in the activities. On occasion, it may be necessary to temporarily take a participant out of the action in order to re-group and re-focus. If the conflict or issue continues, you will contacted by telephone/cell and a discussion with the coach will occur. If this is a conflict between players and another team, the other team’s coach will also be involved to find a resolution.

Abuse Policy
Physical, digital (texts, Facebook, online social media and email) or verbal abuse during practice, games and tournaments will receive zero tolerance by players, parents or coaches. Any incidents that arise from abuse on and off the court will result in the child’s suspension or expulsion, and potential fines to the parents, or expulsion from viewing games due to inappropriate behaviour. We encourage all participants and parents to understand that any online abuse is e-discoverable and can be used against you in criminal prosecution and civil litigation.

Any player or parent may report any complaint to Red Light Hockey. Any complaint needs to be in writing and include a much detailed information about the incident or concern, including dates, actions, statements, and witnesses. This document also needs to be signed and filed within three weeks (21 days) of the alleged incident. Anonymous complaints may be accepted at the discretion of Red Light Hockey administrators. Any complaints given outside the three week period can be considered with a written explanation as to reason for the delay outside the 21-day window.