Red Light Hockey Camps.

Come Prepared to Score Big.


Hockey Camp Regulations for Participants

  • Participants should come dressed appropriately for the game, including all certified and well-fitting hockey equipment, skates and helmet. Any ill-fitting equipment will require the participant to return the next session with proper items. This ensures safety and performance for players and their team members.
  • Bring a refillable water/squeeze bottle each day, labeled with participant’s name. We encourage students to refill and drink as much water as possible to prevent dehydration and muscle soreness throughout the training day. Participants will have access to water refilling stations.
  • A hockey bag that is labelled with the player’s name and contact information. Our camps are typically reserved singularly, so no one else will be using the appointed locker room, but there is no guarantee that valuables will be safe.
  • Cell phones and electronic devices need to be stored during camps in participants’ bags. Red Light Hockey Camps is not responsible for theft or missing items.
  • Bring your own bagged lunch from home. Each lunch should contain fresh fruit, vegetables (there may not be a microwave on site), juice, plenty of water, and a healthy sandwich with high-fibre bread and good protein, or healthy alternative. Depending on the location and availability, snacks and lunches may be purchased on site from cafeteria or kiosk vendors. We will alert you ahead of time of any options. We also operate on a nut-free environment, so please do not bring any lunch materials containing nuts of any kind.
  • As you are aware, severe peanut and nut allergies are around us and we are trying to do the best we can to control this. We cannot guarantee a totally nut free environment as we are often located in public locker rooms, ice rinks and rink classrooms.
  • Make sure to pack a few snacks such as fruit, granola bars and veggies in your player’s lunch as we will break from time to time throughout the day. There are usually vending machines that offer juice, water and milk. Make sure they also have change ready to use for the machines. We do not provide change for the vending machines.
  • Medications must be stored safely in the participant’s bag, and coaches need to be informed of what the student is taking and how often it should be taken. We are not responsible for administering medication. EpiPens are always on site with our First Aid kit, and if your child requires one, it is best to pack it and make coaches aware.
  • Please drop off your child(ren) at least 20 minutes before the camp begins each day, to ensure they are dressed and ready for warm-up.

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